Corey Taylor talk becoming BABYMETAL fan on Morning After "They're just fun to watch!"

Corey Taylor talk BABYMETAL interviewed on Morning After show from 100.3 xRock FM. In order to promote the support appearances on Korn's US Tour he was asked about BABYMETAL and how he became fan of them. Listen the interview or read the transcription below.


Corey Taylor talk about being fan of BABYMETAL on Morning After of xRock FM

Corey Taylor from Slipknot and Stone Sour was asked about BABYMETAL on Morning After show of 100.3 xRock FM from United States to promote the upcoming Korn shows in United States next month. BABYMETAL and Stone Sour will support their tour in June. Corey Taylor talk BABYMETAL starting at minute 08:30. 


Interviewer: I do have one question, because you've been on record - you're a big BABYMETAL fan.


Corey: "Well, yeah. I- yeah."


Interviewer: "'cause I want- I need to know, what am I missing? Am I missing something here? Because it's hard for me."


Corey: "Okay. Here's the thing. You kinda have to discover them through a fan who didn't grow up the way we did. Does that make sense? I became a fan because of my son's love for this band. Um, and I didn't get it at first either, and then watching him react to them-- cause when we did Chicago Open Air it was Slipknot. BABYMETAL was playing there. My son was with me at the time, and he turned into the biggest fan guy I had EVER seen! I had never seen him like this before, and he was so stoked to be able to meet BABYMETAL-- and not only meet BABYMETAL, but watch them aside[sic] the stage, dude, that made me look at them a totally different way.


And they're FUN! They're just fun to watch; the riffs are's like's weird...what if we were twelve, and what if we got to see KISS...for the first time? Like with the make-up and everything. Like way back in the '70s and '80s. It's not the same thing, but it's comparable in the way that it captures the imagination for the person, who maybe didn't grow up as spoiled as we did with a lot of the different genres and musics and what-not. It's just- it's innocent, man. Y'know? Like that's all you can really say about it.


Interviewer: Yeah. You know that's perfect. I mean, my daughter is a huge K-Pop fan, and said she "can't wait to go to the KoRN/Stone Sour show, and I'm so excited!" - and I'm like "Yes! Finally!" and she's like "I can't wait to see BABYMETAL. -- and I'm like "...Yeah... okay... that would be fun...""


Corey: "(laughing) Yeah, exactly. (laughs)"




Interview by: Morning After. 

Transcription by: MissingReel.



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